Growing things


The climate in Sonoma County is perfectly suited to growing all sorts of flowers, fruit trees and vegetables. The gardens are spectacular! There is sun in abundance. Just add water!

Clover is widely used on hillsides and vineyards as legumes for the vines. In the spring, when the red clover blooms, it looks like the hills are covered with a red carpet that waves easily in the breeze!


California Poppies

Wild poppies, the state flower of California, grow all around the property in the spring. They are cheerful reminders of the carefree, friendly atmosphere found in Sonoma County!

Tomatoes in basket

Almost all varieties of tomatoes grow easily on the property. Once you've had a home grown organic tomato just ripe off the vine, you'll never look at store-bought tomatoes the same way!




Flowers everywhere

These colorful flowers were planted and watered in full sun. Within 1 year, they were three and a half feet tall, and completely filled the flower beds! This place is amazing!

A rose by any other name...

Roses are a true main stay of Sonoma County. Mediteranean mild climates with lots of sunny, clear skies keep roses blooming all summer long!


French lavender

In Sonoma County, lavender grows like in Provence! Here they are used to create a beautiful and orderly hedge to line the driveway, while providing fragrant blooms and lots of beautiful color in the summer!

Olive flowers

Olives flowers bloom in mid spring. The fruit sets and grows slowly in the beautiful summer days. The fruit will rippen and be ready for harvest in late October.


Something from the 'Down Under'

Kiwis are not native to Sonoma County, but they do well here. Kiwis bloom in clusters and require a pair of male and female vines to bear fruit.

Wild blackberry flowers

Wild blackberries are abundant in Sonoma county. The beautiful blooms in May will yield sweet berries in July. You will need to compete with the deer and racoons, but no worries, there are plenty for everyone. You will need a good recipe for blackberry cobbler!


Passion fruit flowers

Another unexpected success. Passion fruit vines adapt well to the climate here. The passion fruit bloom is quite exotic. The fruit is harvested in late summer. Perfect time for passion fruit ice cream?

“I wandered lonely as a cloud That floats on high o'er vales and hills, When all at once I saw a crowd, A host, of golden daffodils; Beside the lake, beneath the trees, Fluttering and dancing in the breeze.”William Wordsworth,   I Wander'd Lonely as a Cloud
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